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About Karam Darshan

In today's era, there are different means of telling the future, such as through Kundali, through Numerology, through Tarot Card and through Question Horoscope. Mediums are more prevalent in today's era, but there is a completely different way of telling the future of our organization. There are many types of juices in the world, but the most bizarre juice is the one that people like the most. Pass is a strange juice of the world of astrology.

The prophet of our organization, Kumar Ashwani ji tells your future through Fingure Print, through your face reading and through voice recording without any popular means.

The prophet of our organization, Kumar Ashwani ji, tells you your future through examples based on the accumulated deeds of your previous birth. For example - • If a person works in a multinational company, then the promotions and increments in his future are based on his past performance.

When a bank approves a loan of a company, it performs on the basis of past performance and turnover of that company. • If money will be deposited in your bank account then only then you will be able to withdraw money.

Devotee Kabir has also explained this through his couplets - Destiny first made body Kabir is amazing, he does not mind Swami Vivekananda has also said about past birth and present - "The life I am living in right now is a byproduct of the accumulated deeds of my former birth"

Even in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna has said while teaching Arjuna: "God will give fruit as you do" According to Maharishi Ved Vyas ji - "Not starting the work does not prove the purpose, but even by making effort, those whose work is not proven, they are destined for luck"

"Purusharth done creates destiny. Even God is not entitled to give anything to a man without effort" Kumar Ashwani, the prophet of our organization believes that - This world is a stage of nature. Every human being has got the present role based on the accumulated deeds of his previous birth. A human being can copy everything but the accumulated deeds of previous birth.

Even humans cannot hide their hands and face चाह It is absolutely necessary to be open both of them. Nature has written your past, present and future on your hands and face. Just as you see your face in the mirror, you cannot change it even by wishing, in the same way you can be guided by seeing your destiny, it cannot be changed because 2/3 of your previous birth's accumulated deeds contributed. And 1/3 of your knowledge and effort works Tomorrow is the child of today, if we improve ourselves today, tomorrow itself will improve. Change yourself change your destiny Change yourself & Change your Destiny.

The aim of our organization is to arouse people's trust and respect for astrology, which has become insignificant these days. संस्था Our organization will provide 80% of the people with absolutely free guidance. Only 20% of the people will get Dakshina to make the organization run smoothly. To know उद्देश्य Our organization aims to serve people on the basis of No Profit & No Loss principle. Nowadays is the era of computers, laptops and smartphones and through them you can connect with the prophet Kumar Ashwani ji of our institution anytime, anywhere and know the answer to your questions, as well as get many information about astrology. Are Through our website, the prophet Kumar Ashwani can connect people of all sections, whether he is a businessman, government or private servant, duodenum, married or student etc.